Rainbow Road: Update 1

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3 min readApr 17, 2023

While coming up with the concept of Rainbow Road, we wanted to make sure that we fostered an environment of open collaboration. This creates several advantages for us and our partners. It brings different perspectives to the table, providing valuable insight to challenges we may face along the way. There is a collective knowledge base that enables us to push the limits of what is possible. Most importantly, working with great partners builds great relationships we can carry into the future.

We were delighted our partners answered the call when we made an open request for partners to join us in building the Rainbow Road. They saw the vision of what Rainbow Road could be and how they could help us achieve it by bringing the best of what they have to offer. After some calls with the various teams, it became clear that they all share a similar attribute with the Archly team, a growth mindset. This was perhaps the greatest takeaway from us all learning and sharing about our projects and goals. With pleasure, Archly would like to announce that it will be working closely with ChainPort, Elk Finance, Chainlink, CryptoLink, and Axelar to build the Rainbow Road.

All of our partners have great teams as well as great tech stacks that will lay the foundations of the Rainbow Road. Their continuous innovations will help the Rainbow Road evolve over time to enable more use cases as they build out their product offerings. In addition to this, they currently have great coverage over all of the networks Archly is deployed at the moment as well as other networks where Archly is not allowing us to scale out to more chains when the time comes. Our shared passion for building secure and reliable infrastructure and services that scale for our users and their assets will not only make Archly’s Rainbow Road a success, but showcase the best we all have to give now and in the future.

Rainbow Road Overview

Rainbow Road: An Overview

Archly is currently deployed on Arbitrum (Nova and One), BNB Chain, Fantom, Kava, Optimism, Polygon, and Telos. These blockchains have various RPC Nodes that allow for interactions with the chain’s underlying data. It is these RPC Nodes that define the edge of Rainbow Road’s integration. Through communication with RPC Nodes, the Rainbow Road will be able to send and receive information. This path also offers a way to call the on-chain APIs provided by our partners in order to facilitate actions such as asset transfers and invoking smart contracts across any chain.

The Rainbow Road will have three primary components: Asset Manager, Messaging Service, and Data Aggregator. These components will work together to assemble the necessary calls to our partner’s APIs and RPC Nodes to carry out and monitor tasks such as moving your Arc (and other assets) between chains, using your veArc to vote on other chains, and view stats about Arc (total supply, circulating supply, percentage locked, …) in a seamless unified experience through the Archly UI. Once these foundational pieces are in place, we can begin the work of building Archly V2 to take full advantage of the Rainbow Road’s capabilities as well as streamline our user experience even further. Over the coming weeks, Archly will share details about the progress that we, along with our partners, are making in bringing the Rainbow Road to you. So stay tuned!

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Axelar: Website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord
Chainlink: Website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord
ChainPort: Website, Twitter, Telegram
CryptoLink: Website, Twitter, Discord
Elk Finance: Website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord



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