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5 min readApr 19, 2024

Archly Reactor will be an EVM-Compatible chain that will take the ve(3,3) experience to a whole new level while pursuing our vision to allow users to operate across any chain. The upcoming chain will join the DEX and Rainbow Road in the Archly ecosystem to test the limits of what’s possible, again! The new chain will take a different approach in contrast to what is being pursued by other chains. It will empower people to do more onchain while being open and inclusive. This is another ambitious goal, but we’ve become quite good at conquering those.

The main operating tenants of the new chain are simplicity, fairness, and forward thinking. Simply put, Reactor is a community chain governed by Arc holders. More specifically, the veArc holders, will all participate in the direction of the chain. All veArc holders across all chains will be able to participate right from the chain they are on. This means the governance of the chain is not only done on Reactor, but from any chain there are veArc holders. This enables a true cross-chain governance model. If you like to transact on one of the Optimism OP Stack chains, that’s fine with us. Keep your veArc on OP Mainnet, Base, Mode, Zora, or Fraxtal. If you are on a new and upcomping Hyperchain on the ZK Stack like zkSync Era, go for it. If you are into the AggLayer on chains like Polygon zkEVM and Astar zkEVM, and yes we are coming to them. And when we do, your veArc will be an equal among all the rest of the veArc on all of the 21 and growing chains. No matter where your veArc is based, you will have a say in how the Archly Reactor is governed. Before we go any further, we will confirm that Arc will be the native gas token on Reactor.

Archly Reactor will be fair to all users, projects, and supporters. If a fund is established to provide grants to one project, then a project of similar nature will also receive an equal grant. The chain will always act in the best interest of all users of the chain and reward all of those that contribute to the success of the Reactor in a fair and consistent manner. We value all contributors equally and always will. If you write educational material showcasing the benefits of the Reactor, you will get rewarded. If you build amazing applications that users love to use on the Reactor, you guessed it, you will be rewarded. If you help the Archly Reactor reach and make a meaningful difference in the lives of our users, you will also be rewarded. Any Archly user on any L1, L2, L3, Layer N chain, the Reactor or not will be an equal among all users of our ecosystem. The time for zero-sum gesturing is at an end. It’s time to take a new approach, band together, and empower users everywhere to do more onchain. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Let’s not squander it and truly transform the world.

That means the chains and projects we partner with will have a forward-thinking mindset, just like us! We will bend the very fabric of blockchain technology to make sure the new system is equitable and fair to everyone. Only a positive-sum state of mind. We all win when we work together. And working together is a must to make all chains interoperable with each other. When we arrive at that point in time, the lines between the chains will begin to blur and become even better for all of our users. Let’s skip the America Online, CompuServe, and Prodigy days and bring blockchains to the World Wide Web. To do this, we will have to all come to the table and build cross-chain interoperability standards much like the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. While that work is in progress, we can leverage our infrastructure partners like Axelar, Chainlink, CryptoLink, deBridge, and LayerZero while leaning on some cutting edge interoperability technology from Polygon, Arbitrum, zkSync, and Optimism to help bind us closer together.

For now we are going to warm up the Archly Reactor. Some details are still open, but here’s where we stand today:

  • Arc will be the native gas token of Reactor.
  • veArc holders will be the governing body and can participate from any chain, including the Archly Reactor.
  • A veArc holder’s voting power will be determined by the length of time the Arc is locked into the veArc. The longer you lock, the more say you have in the direction of the chain.
  • veArc holders will continue to be the recipient of all incentives and fees generated for the pools for which they voted. Cross-chain voting is still coming in DEX v3.
  • veArc holders will not have to choose between voting and earning. They can do both at the same time.
  • The Archly Reactor will be the source of all Arc going forward. This means Arc will not be minted by the Archly DEX. Instead, Reactor will over that role and use the Rainbow Road to distribute the weekly Arc emissions to all chains.
  • Liquidity providers will continue to earn Arc emissions the same way they do today.
  • Reactor will serve as a hub for the Archly Rainbow Road. This means all chains connected to the Rainbow Road, and by extension Reactor, will always be at most one hop away from each other. As we improve the tech and build out the vision above, transaction will become near instantaneous across any chain connected to the Archly Collective, as it will now be known for the time being.
  • Node operators will earn Arc for their part in processing transactions for the network.
  • Archly will continue its mission to scale out across any chain to empower users to operate anywhere.

So next on our agenda is setting up the Reactor testnet, connecting it to the Rainbow Road (on Sepolia), and building out the infrastructure to snap to our intermediate goal for the Archly Reactor being the creator of all Arc. This is a marathon, not a sprint. And the goal ahead is just as complex and challenging as the Rainbow Road was around this time last year. But look where we are now and then imagine where we will be in the future.

It’s still early.

About Archly

Archly works to empower any user on any chain to engage in seamless cross-chain experiences using our DEX and Rainbow Road protocols along with our upcoming Reactor chain. Our mission is to provide an abstraction layer of infrastructure across any chain on which projects can build upon to power any scenario in a reliable, secure, and consistent environment.



Archly Finance

Archly Finance is a cross-chain liquidity solution for protocols on a wide range of EVM chains to properly incentivize liquidity for their projects.