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Archly Finance
2 min readFeb 19, 2024

We’re kicking off our 2024 journey to scale out the Archly ecosystem to six new chains. With this expansion, we will take a step closer towards our north star to allow users and projects to operate seamlessly across any chain. Our path this time takes us to Avalanche, Cronos, Mantle, Metis, Neon, and zkSync Era. Archly’s DEX and Rainbow Road will go live on these chains on Thursday February 22, 2024. In addition to the expansion of the new chains above, the Rainbow Road will add support for two new message passing protocols, CryptoLink and deBridge, expanding our pool of future chains.

The Details

First, we need to have an established set of rules in order to guide our goal of expanding to new chains.

  • Each time the number of chains we support doubles, we will reduce our emissions by 50% on all chains. As a result, our supported chains will maintain a consistent emission schedule for our ecosystem.
  • Emissions on new chains will start only after the chain obtains 5% of the total circulating supply of Arc (including veArc) across all the existing chains that have emissions enabled. This means Arc and veArc from other chains will need to be moved via the Rainbow Road to the new chains. A new chain achieving 5% of the total supply of Arc will signal acceptance of the new chain by the community, thus paving the way for emissions to start on that chain at the next epoch.

The total circulating supply of Arc will be determined by the sum of the total supply as reported by the listed block explorers on our Docs site. Once the Rainbow Road Service is up and running (coming soon), then the total circulating supply of Arc will be determined solely by it.

We will have a cadence of 2–3 chains every few weeks as our expansion picks up speed this year. That is it for now.

About Archly

Archly works to empower any user on any chain to engage in seamless cross-chain experiences using our DEX and Rainbow Road protocols. Our mission is to provide an abstraction layer of infrastructure across any chain on which projects can build upon to power any scenario in a reliable, secure, and consistent environment.

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Archly Finance

Archly Finance is a cross-chain liquidity solution for protocols on a wide range of EVM chains to properly incentivize liquidity for their projects.